Общий тест по временам в английском языке с ответами

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1. Listen to me! I ___ with the solution.
а) have just come up+
б) have just came up
в) just came up

2. When ______ she ______ her sister?
а) is ______ visit
б) do ______ visit
в) will ______ visit +

3. As soon as they ______ home, they ______ us.
а) will come ______ will phone
б) will come ______ phone
в) come ______ will phone +

4. Jake ______ his school exams last May
а) will pass
б) passed +
в) passes

5. Andy ___ to Japan twice.
а) was
б) has been+
в) have been

6. He ___ a good education in London three years ago.
а) have received
б) has received
в) received+

7. After the storm ______ finished, many people were found lying in the street.
а) were
б) did
в) has
г) had+

8. I ______ come if I had had time.
а) did
б) have
в) had
г) would have+

9. Ah, there you ______ ! I wondered where you were.
а) were
б) be
в) are+
г) have been

10. __________ the dentist after school so I can’t play tennis with you
а) I’ll visit
б) I’m going to visit
в) I’m visiting+
г) I visit

11. Where __________?” “In a village near London.
а) lives your uncle
б) have your uncle lived
в) does your uncle live +
г) is your uncle living

12. Lisa was driving into town when she__________ out of petrol
а) Was running
б) run
в) ran +
г) had run

13. ‘Did you get the theater tickets?’ ‘No, I forgot all about them. I__________ them tomorrow.’
а) will book +
б) am going to book
в) will have booked
г) am booking

14. If you listen carefully, you__________ an owl in the trees over there.
а) would hear
б) will hear+
в) hear
г) will have heard

15. Tonight France__________ Germany in a match important for both teams.
а) will play
б) is playing
в) plays +
г) is going to play

16. ______ he always ______ tea for lunch?
а) do ______ drinks
а) does ______ drinks
а) does ______ drink +

17. She ___ much progress in her career so far.
а) haven’t made
б) didn’t make
в) hasn’t made+

18. My uncle ___ anything last month.
а) hasn’t earned
б) didn’t earn+
в) haven’t earned

19. What ______ Lima ______ on Sunday evening?
а) is ______ doing +
б) does ______ doing
в) do ______ do

20. My train ______ at the station at 11 a.
а) arrive
б) arrives +
в) is arriving

21. Kerry is five. She ______ six next week.
а) is
б) was
в) will be +

22. When he arrives in Dallas he __________ by train all day.
а) will have been travelling +
б) will travell
в) will have travelled
г) is going to travel

23. We were so relaxed because we__________ all day.
а) weren’t working
б) hadn’t worked
в) didn’t work
г) had not been working+

24. He ______ in bed tomorrow. He is sick.
а) will stay +
б) stays
в) stayed

25. He ______ roses now.
а) is selling +
б) sell
в) sells

26. Before you telephoned, I ______ watching television.
а) was+
б) have
в) will be
г) am

27. Sometimes I wonder if I ______ ever succeeг)
а) shall+
б) am
в) do
г) were

28. Where ______ they ______ the film at the moment?
а) do ______ watch
б) is ______ watch
в) are ______ watching +

29. I __________ out last night. I was too tireг)
а) didn’t go +
б) wasn’t going
в) didn’t went
г) haven’t gone.

30. __________ my cousine 4 times today but her number’s always engageг)
а) phoned
б) I’d phoned
в) I’ve phoned +
г) I’ve been phoning


Помогла информация?
( Пока оценок нет )
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