Тест с ответами на тему: “Вопросительные предложения в английском языке”

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1. How ___ do you want for your old car?
a) many
б) a lot
в) much+

2. ___ influenced your choice of profession?
a) Which
б) When
в) What+

3. _______ to buy a new car?
a) Where you are going
б) What are you going
в) When are you going +
г) What you are going

4. _______ bus goes to the city centre?
a) Which +
б) What
в) Where
г) How

5. _______ in Moscow or in Saint Petersburg ?
a) Where do you live
б) You live where
в) Do you live +
г) Are you live

6. Mike knows a lot of interesting things, _______ ?
a) Isn’t he
б) Does he
в) Hasn’t he
г) Doesn’t he+

7. They are learning French, _______ ?
a) Are they
б) Do they
в) Aren’t they +
г) Don’t they

8. ___ your father take part in the organization of the competition last week?
a) Does
б) Had
в) Did+

9. Tim didn’t go to the football match yesterday, ___?
a) did he+
б) does he
в) didn’t he

10. Could you explain how ___?
a) does this device work
б) this device works+
в) this device work

11. Do you like reading books?
а) Yes, I read.
б) Yes, I like.
в) Yes, I have.
г) Yes, I do.+

12. I ___ baseball very much.
а) am
б) have
в) like+
г) was liked

13. _______ they yellow?
а) Are+
б) Do
в) Haveъ

14. _______ Kate want to be a doctor?
а) Does+
б) Are
в) Has

15. _______ her sister got a doll?
а) Is
б) Has+
в) Does

16. _______ her puppy white?
а) Has
б) Does
в) Is+

17. _______ his cat got three kittens?
а) Has+
б) Have
в) Does

18. Did he know where ___her holidays last summer?
a) his sister has spent
б) did his sister spend
в) his sister had spent+

19. I ___ tired, so I went to bed early.
а) was+
б) is
в) am
г) were

20. I will ___ up at five tomorrow.
а) gets
б) get+
в) got
г) getting

21. Where do you usually eat lunch?
а) In the cafeteria.+
б) With Jane.
в) Sandwhich.
г) At 12:00.

22. ___ married next Saturday?
a) Do they get
б) Are they getting+
в) Will they get

23. ___ she phoned you before you got home?
a) Has
б) Have
в) Had+

24. ___ was the TV invented?
a) What
б) Who
в) When+

25. Who ___ Ben lately?
a) has seen+
б) had saw
в) have seen

26. How ___ stars are there in the sky?
a) more
б) many+
в) much

27. Andy can’t skate very well, ___?
a) can’t he
б) can he+
в) could he

28. Alfred always writes long essays, ___?
a) doesn’t he+
б) don’t he
в) does he

29. ___ Ann got a dress for the party?
a) Have
б) Does
в) Has+

30. What ___ the main points of this report?
a) are+
б) do
в) is


Помогла информация?
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